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Our U.S. Patented and Patent pending TV Made EZ systems are the worlds only complete bolt on TV systems that provide owner / installer a quick, simple and very easy way to establish a proper communications link between popular aftermarket carburetors and fuel injection systems and Th-700R4 and Th-2004R transmissions. Our TV Made EZ systems have been precisely engineered to work on each individual carburetor or fuel injection system linkage. We supply everything required for a quick installation at a very reasonable price. As an added bonus, these systems can be installed using simple hand tools. Each kit is engineered to allow its installation without making permanent alterations to the parent carburetor or fuel injection

systems linkage. Once installed, our unique cable pulling cam also provides the owner / installer a means of adjusting the shift timing and feel of the these transmissions during light and medium throttle driving. For a small investment of time, money and effort, you will be able to gain control of your transmissions "Personality" while absolutely being sure you are signaling for instant pressure rise to protect the transmissions frictions.

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