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 Step 1
  The pressure gauge must be connected to the transmission at the location shown above. This is a direct fluid passage to the transmissions internal hydraulic pump. This installation will be done while the engine not running. Testing will be done with the engine running. To hook up the gauge, locate the 1/8" plug on the "Driver Side" of the transmissions bell housing as shown in the above pictures; unscrew the plug from the transmission.
 Step 2
Install the 1/8" NPT 90 degree elbow fitting into the transmission. As you tighten the fitting, be sure to end up with the elbow fitting pointing toward the rear of the transmission. This will ensure that the pressure gauge hose will not interfere with your shift linkage while you are test driving.  
 Step 3
  Screw the pressure gauge hose into the 90 degree fitting. Be sure that it's snug inside of the fitting to prevent leaking. Route the pressure gauge hose above the frame and away from the exhaust. You can now use the gauge under the hood or while test driving, routing up through the driver side window.. That's it! We don't recommend this gauge be installed permanently, it should be removed after the set up and test driving are completed.
 Important Notes

Use of a pressure gauge is the only way to be sure the TV cable system is working correctly. Refer to the pressure check procedure section for a step by step method of setting up this critical system! Adequate pressures during all transmission operations is critical to friction longevity and parts longevity. We highly recommend this procedure be followed anytime the TV cable is disconnected or it's relationship to the transmission is altered in any way. While this system is critical to the very survival of the transmission, making sure its correctly set up is not difficult to accomplish.

 Pressure Test

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