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 Pressure Gauge Installation

You will need to install a 0-300psi pressure gauge in order to perform this test. The pressure gauge must be attached to the direct pump pressure port on the driver's side of the transmission. These readings should be taken right after the initial startup of the transmission, the vehicle shouldn't be driven until you verify these pressures with our facility. If the vehicle is driven prior to our approval it may void your warranty.

 Pressure Test
Please read the following three tests very carefully, these are very critical.

Once you have set up the T.V. cable correctly according to the instructions for your specific T.V. system, you will need to bring the engine up to operating temperature and perform the following three tests as follows:

 Pressure @ Idle T.V. Connected
With the vehicle running at an idle, make sure that the T.V. cable connected to the carburetor/fuel injection linkage, and adjusted to the appropriate settings. With the gear selector in park record the reading off of the pressure gauge. Next pull the gear selector down into reverse and take that reading, then continue to shift the shifter down through the rest of the gears one by one taking a reading in each gear.

 Pressure @ Idle T.V. Disconnected
Once again with the vehicle running at a idle, disconnect the T.V. cable from the carburetor/fuel injection linkage, and simply record the pressure readings again in each gear.

 Pressure @ High Idle Full T.V.
You will need a helper to help you perform this last test. This test is a little bit more complex and will require the use of an assistant.
On this test we will once again start off in park, bring the vehicle up to approximately 1500 rpm's and have your assistant pull the T.V. cable all of the way out until he can feel it stop, it will stop when it buries the plunger in the transmission, now take a pressure reading, release the T.V. cable and let the engine rpm back down to a idle. Now we need to perform this same test in the remaining six gears, upon doing this in the other gears the car is going to try to move as if we were power braking it, so we highly recommend that you set the emergency brake and keep you foot planted firmly in the brake pedal

 Pressure test chart
Gear selector position Pressure @ idle TV Connected Pressure @ idle TV Disconnected Pressure @ high idle full TV
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